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Welcome to Enfield KITE:
Key Initiatives to Early Education!

KITE (Key Initiatives to Early Education) is a community collaborative dedicated to enhancing health, family engagement & support, and early care & education to Enfield's youngest residents.

KITE is supported by a variety of public and private community partners, who share our vision to ensure that Enfield's children are healthy, safe and happy; live in thriving families; and are ready to learn the skills they need to succeed in school and flourish in the 21st century.

Goals of KITE:

  • Develop the infrastructure for a thriving community to ensure all families with young children are empowered to access quality and equitable early care and educational opportunities.
  • Foster communication, share expertise and connect resources among our stakeholders to support initiatives including: Health, Family Engagement & Support, and Early Care & Education.

Consider Joining

KITE welcomes all Enfield residents including parents, businesses, civic organizations, health care providers, religious communities, and educators.

Catch up with us on Facebook: KITE-Key Initiatives to Early Education