Key Initiatives To Early Education

Enfield Plays On

Meet the mascots of Enfield’s play campaign! Penny, Pablo, Polly and Peter spend time doing what kids do best: playing. For some crazy reason, play is regarded in today’s society as secondary to formal learning, yet all the studies prove that play is how children learn best!

Our campaign, called Enfield Plays On, is working to inform, incorporate and increase play in our community.

We have two broad goals to support that mission:

  1.  We want to share with parents, caregivers, and the general public the importance of play for children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth.
  2.  We want to support parents in incorporating play as part of their child’s daily lives and routines

Be on the lookout for information about free play events in the community!

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Enfield Plays On was featured in the most recent issue of “Play, Policy, & Practice Connections”.  Jump to page 36 to read about Enfield Plays On.

How Play = Learning!

2018 TIMPANI Toy Study

Play is the fundamental way children prepare for the future. When children create a make-believe world, build a tower of blocks, or race a friend to the top of a hill, they acquire social and intellectual abilities needed to be successful in school and adulthood. Nearly all meaningful play includes toys. A single, engaging toy can transform a child’s play from simple to symbolic, from repetitive to inventive, from solitary to social.

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