Key Initiatives To Early Education

3 to 3 committee

KITE’s 3 to 3 Committee is excited to launch “think about it..” a digital information series designed as a tool for educators to learn more about Identity, Diversity, Justice, & Action.  

Over the course of several months, the committee worked to source information to help shape their work through an equity lens. As a byproduct, the information gathered contained value for our early educators. However, the various vehicles of information could be difficult to navigate and overwhelming to share via email resulting in low engagement. Using Padlet, a digital wall, KITE’s 3 to 3 Committee created a single space for educators to easily explore, share, and learn together. The content is geared to age 3 – grade 3 educators. This tool is easy to use and has links to many valuable resources which include YouTube videos, Ted Talks, PDF’s, book titles, and more curated through an equity lens.  Through the end of the year, the committee will publish a theme and pose questions for educators/students to think about.





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