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Heritage Fair 2023

About Heritage Fair

Heritage Fair is an inclusive educational experience that develops and encourages awareness and interest in the different cultures that make up the Enfield community. In the past, this event has drawn hundreds of families from Enfield. Run entirely by volunteers, experiences include multicultural exhibits, sampling of ethnic cuisine, performances, hands-on crafts, demonstrations, and traditional games.

Are you an individual, organization or restaurant with an idea to showcase your culture? Share it by signing up to exhibit!

Be an exhibitor!

Did you know that Enfield is made up of over 70 different cultures?  Enfield Public Schools wants to celebrate our community diversity and needs volunteers to showcase different cultures at Heritage Fair on Feb 25th.  Exhibiting is FREE.  To make this year's event a success, we are looking for restaurants or organizations to sell ethnic foods. Additionally, we are seeking organizations and/or clubs to create informational displays that highlight a different culture. Finally, we are looking to round out the day with culturally aware performances (such as dancers, martial arts, musicians, etc), demonstrations, hands-on crafts, and traditional games.

Sell food samples as a fundraiser

The Enfield Public Schools is looking for groups to sell ethnic foods in the cafeteria during the Heritage Fair. We have held this event three times before and have drawn large crowds.

How the Day Works:

  • We supply tables for you
  • Tickets will be sold so you will not have to handle money. Items will have to be priced in $1 increments. At the end of the day you turn in your tickets and we pay you. We do not keep any profit; it all goes to you.
  • The JFK cafeteria kitchen will be available for you to use. Warmers, ovens, stove tops and refrigeration will be available for you to use. Foods need to be purchased from restaurants or stores. Nothing can be made at home.
  • Foods are assigned on a first-come basis.

Apply to sell food

Sign up to exhibit or perform

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