Key Initiatives To Early Education

Community Groups

KITE has compiled a list of groups and organizations that are active in the Enfield Community. To submit group entries, please email us.

Asnuntuck Pride

We believe strongly in the importance of an inclusive learning community and support each student’s pursuit of their goals.

Laurie Chancey

Bi-Annual Heritage Fair Committee (KITE/EPS)

Heritage Fair is an interactive educational experience EXPO that develops and encourages awareness and interest in different cultures that make up the Enfield community. Run exclusively by volunteers, experiences include multicultural exhibits, sampling of ethnic cuisine, performances, hands-on crafts, demonstrations, and traditional games.

Michelle Zaugg

DEI Committee

Our mission is to create a community where diversity, equity, and inclusion are celebrated and valued and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Through education and training, we  strive to promote and foster a culture of understanding, respect and empathy where all individuals are given the necessary skills and equal opportunities to succeed. We believe by embracing diversity in all its forms we can build stronger communities, government and organizations that are better equipped to meet the challenges of the future.  We are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable society that empowers every individual to their full potential regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Brandon Jewell

EHS Parent Equity Team

The intentional creation of a new, continuously evolving system where all members of the Enfield High School community feel safe, acknowledged, accepted, and supported on a pathway to success. This new system will take into account performance of the school’s makeup of majority and minority groups and use this information to educate all, with specific focus on outcomes by race.

Erin Clark

EHS Student Equity Leadership Team

At Enfield High School, we believe all students are entitled to a high quality 21st Century education. The purpose of our equity work is to create an environment where everyone feels cared for, welcomed, respected, supported, and valued. Our inclusivity will allow students of all races and backgrounds to recognize that this educational entitlement includes them. We will work toward nurturing a culture of equity and social consciousness as well as an anti-racist environment. We recognize that our students carry a different range of experiences with them, from both inside and outside of their educational background, that affects how they access their education. Our equity work focuses on identifying root causes of educational disparities in order to understand them, address them, and then eliminate such barriers. Ultimately, we strive to ensure our students have equal access to curricula and equal opportunities to participate in everything Enfield High School has to offer.

Kristie Tinnirella

Enfield PFlag

We aim to create a safe space for everyone who attends a PFLAG meeting. Come and listen, share if you want, ask questions. Membership is optional but encouraged if you attend regularly. Be as involved as is comfortable for you!

We’re here to provide support and encouragement and learn from each other. We are a fluid group, open to new ideas and growth.

As parents, friends, and/or LGBTQ people, we share our journeys and learn from each other. Some of our stories may be helpful to you in sorting out your own possibly conflicting and painful feelings, and our speakers may give you helpful information and new insights.

Brandon Jewell

Enfield Pride

Enfield Pride is a collaborative effort to celebrate the diversity of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community of Enfield, CT.


Reverend Greg Gray

Enfield SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

SURJ’s values ground our work and have been developed and honed over more than a decade of organizing. We believe we must have an inclusive, openhearted approach to organizing— bringing more and more people into this work rather than creating barriers to participation— while maintaining clear commitments to justice.

Marcy Taliceo

La Communidad de Enfield

The mission of Latin community of Enfield is to empower our Latino families to succeed in their professional and personal lives by creating opportunities for innovation and forming connections which unite and strengthen us all.

Rich Galvez | Lolita Cisneros

UJIMA African American Alliance

Educating, Inspiring, and Engaging the African American Community.


Youth Groups at Enfield High School

EHS Diversity Club – Tony Allegro

  • The EHS Diversity club is a collaborative group made up of students and staff that work together to achieve progress on all issues regarding diversity and equity. This club is welcome to all members of the Enfield High community. The club meets on a regular basis to study and discuss all issues regarding race, gender, ethnicity, religion and various cultural and social issues and topics. The EHS Diversity Club proudly celebrates our many differences and provides opportunities for all of community members to come together to embrace everything that makes us great!

Gay/Straight Alliance – Christina Graziani

  • The EHS Gay Straight Alliance invites our LGBTQ+ youth & straight allies to gather in unity and understanding. We listen, support, and provide resources on queer issues in an alternative social setting. The GSA advocates for equal treatment of all students and raises awareness of the different sexual orientations and gender identities.

Dean Matthew Murray

Youth Groups at JFK

Rachel’s Challenge Club – Katie Fitzgerald

    • The Rachel’s Challenge club meets once a month. Our goal is to spread random acts of kindness in the school. Some examples of the things we have done are:
      • Inspirational messages slipped into random lockers.
      • Thank you cards to school support staff (lunchroom workers, secretaries, custodians, security guards)
      • Silly jokes posted around the school.
      • Painted rocks with inspirational messages placed around the school grounds.

Student Council – Joe Leslie

      • JFK Student Council provides students the opportunity to create and implement school wide fundraisers and activities with the goal of positively impacting school climate and the surrounding community. Student Council members are immersed in civics with student led elections for political office and collaboration across grades.
        • Notable fundraisers have included supporting those displaced by the war in Ukraine and supporting those most recently impacted by the earthquake in Turkey & Syria.

National Junior Honor Society – Dave Guertin

        • The NJHS at JFK is a recognition of recognizing the outstanding qualities of students in the lower grades of secondary schools and to encourage academic performance during early adolescence. The traits of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship are the fundamental virtues most worthy of encouragement.

GSA – Sarah Cowles

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