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Heritage Fair is back and EPS is looking for community involvement

Take a trip around the world without having to leave Enfield

Enfield Public Schools, in partnership with Enfield KITE, are excited to bring the beloved Heritage Fair Expo back to the community this coming winter.  Heritage Fair is a community expo that celebrates the diversity of cultures that make up the Enfield Community.  Held at JKF middle school in February, the EXPO is designed to be an educational experience that develops and encourages awareness and interest in the different cultures that make up the Enfield community. In the past, this event has drawn hundreds of families from Enfield.  EPS and KITE are asking for community involvement to make this year’s event a success.  Volunteers are needed to help plan the expo, community groups and/or organizations to create multicultural displays or lead a performance, game or craft, and restaurants are needed to provide ethnic cuisine.

Have an idea to showcase your culture?  Become an exhibitor or food vendor: 

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