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KITE Reveals 2020-2021 Children’s Champion

This year is truly bittersweet for KITE as we present the Children’s Champion Award posthumously and in honor of Joyce Hall and her work on The Enfield Board of Education.   I have worked as an educator in our public schools for the past 27 years, and for all of my working life here, Joyce has been a constant presence, and a vocal and impassioned champion for all of the children and families of Enfield.   I first met Joyce more than 20 years ago when she was instrumental in supporting the district’s first Alternative Education Program.  She was adamant that those students who faced overwhelming personal struggles and were most disconnected from the traditional norms of public education, deserved another chance to learn and flourish in a smaller and more specialized environment that both challenged and nurtured them.  Joyce herself was a constant student, attending trainings, conferences and workshops so that her work in Enfield was informed and current and then she made sure that she connected all of us to the world beyond Enfield. 

– LeAnn Beaulieu, KITE Chairperson

Joyce’s work meant a great deal to the early childhood community.  She believed deeply in the value of the Head Start model and its foundation of parent involvement, representing our Board of Education on its policy council.  And our KITE membership have been privileged to have her sit at our collaborative table as well as Zoom in to our monthly meetings, never letting technology get the better of her!  Joyce would never hesitate to ask us the difficult questions, “why did you make that choice”, “how will you accomplish that”, and of course . . . “how are you spending your money?”  And as we provided her the answers, we found ourselves reflecting on and improving our own practices.  Most recently, Joyce helped us to introduce KITE’s own journey through diversity by reading a beautiful children’s book and sharing personal thoughts and perceptions with our membership.  Joyce’s passing has left a void for many of us, but her mark on our lives and professional growth remains indelible.  She held strong beliefs and was unafraid to share her perspectives, but always with care, respect and patience for those with whom she might have disagreed.  Her wisdom, sense of humor, unconditional love for all children, and commitment to ensuring educational excellence will live on in us as individuals and in our community.   This award is being presented to the Enfield Board of Education to display and share with the members of our community.  – LeAnn Beaulieu, KITE Chairperson

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