Key Initiatives To Early Education

First Annual Lisa Foy-Dupuis Award Revealed at KITE’s Annual Meeting

As important as state and local leadership is to shaping the policies and practices that support KITE’s work in our community, we recognize that our hero’s are really the individuals who’s spirit courage and work ethic have driven them to envision, and advocate for, and create the programs resources and opportunities that young children and families in our communities need and deserve.  On October 6th, 2021, KITE introduced a new award that specifically recognizes the vital role of the early educators who touch our children’s lives most directly. Recognizing educators who show up each day and give their best for children no matter the obstacles they face. The Lisa Foy-Dupuis Excellence in Early Childhood Education pays tribute to Lisa, a beloved kindergarten teacher of 31 years, while honoring an early education professional in our community who continues the important work of assuring Enfield children have high quality early education experiences.

KITE’s 2020-2021
Lisa Foy-Dupuis recipient : Jacyln Valley.

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