Key Initiatives To Early Education

KITE And EPS Collaborate To Create Elementary Picture Books

Sept. 26, 2020

KITE, in collaboration with Enfield Public Schools, spent the summer creating picture books for all three primary schools to distribute to each incoming kindergartner.

KITE works closely with Enfield’s 3 primary schools on trauma-informed practice and social-emotional learning. When schools were unable to hold in-person kindergarten orientations this year, KITE worked with each school to create a book that showed kindergarteners what the building looked like, what their schedule would be doing during the day, and introduced them to some of the people they would be meeting. The book was given to each incoming kindergarten student. Having a book that they could hold on to, and look at as often as they wanted to, alleviated stress and helped children transition successfully to school.

The 12-page color booklets were hand-delivered to each student when they collected their distance learning iPads and were very well received. Parent and EPS Kindergarten teacher Rebecca Passetto commented “I just wanted to say as a kindergarten parent I absolutely loved the “Let’s talk about kindergarten” book you created!!! What a sweet way to ease my son into the unknown! Thanks for all your hard work with that!”

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