KITE responds to COVID-19 with the launch of ONE Community Campaign

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One Community – In this time of crisis, we have an opportunity to bring our community together and inspire kindness. We are all in this together: families, businesses, and local government. Studies suggest that people who experience or witness kindness are more likely to be kind in return. We need your help to spread kindness throughout Enfield, in hopes that it catches on.

KITE is preparing to launch Pay it Forward Fridays for the month of May. We have committed to match monetary donations made by Enfield residents and businesses during this campaign up to $2,000. As Enfield’s early childhood collaborative, KITE has been working to ensure that Enfield’s children are healthy, safe and happy; live in thriving families; and are ready to learn the skills they need to success in school and flourish in the 21st century. Since 2001, this has led KITE to convene collaborative partners and work to affect systems changes.

Right now, our community is experiencing exponential growth in food insecurity at the same time our services to combat that insecurity are experiencing resource limitations like never before. It’s a perfect storm that will lead to families (and children!) going hungry.

We can’t have that.

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a dramatic decrease in donations of food, money and volunteer hours at the Enfield Food Shelf and Enfield Loaves & Fishes. Additionally, Asnuntuck’s Food Pantry is closed while schools are closed in CT. With record setting unemployment across the country, more families than ever are unsure how they are going to meet their most basic needs.

Here’s how you can help [DONATE NOW]

We are looking for community partners to join is in matching monetary donations. Yes – we’re asking you for money. Beginning on Monday, April 27th, KITE will be asking the community to make donations to fight local food insecurity. 100% of the money donated, along with KITE’s $1 for $1 match, will be distributed every Pay it Forward Friday in May to Enfield Food Shelf and Enfield Loaves & Fishes. KITE’s staff will acknowledge each donation with a ONE Community yard sign as a way to build awareness of the campaign and promote kindness. Post a photo of your sign with the hashtag #WeWillGetThroughThisTogether and watch the kindness spread!

It is our hope that some of Enfield’s businesses will step up in this time of crisis and join us in our pledge to match community donations. How amazing would it be if instead of KITE doubling people’s donation, we are able to facilitate tripling or quadrupling those donations? If your organization would be willing to join us in this battle, please reach out to Chris Gomeau, KITE’s Coordinator. She can be reached at as we’re all working from home.

Kindness is contagious – help us spread it.