Summer Play Idea #3

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The DIY Foosball Table

If you have a 2018 Summer Playcation Kit, most of the materials you need for the Fooseball Table are in the kit. If not, you’ll need to find:

* An old box – a little bigger than a shoe box, and deeper than a cereal box

* 4 skewers (about 15 inches long)

* 6 clothespins with springs

* A small ball (It’s inside the egg in the brown bag in the Playcation Kit)

* Paper (not in the kit)

* Crayons or markers or colored pencils

* Scissors (not in the kit)

* Glue (not in the kit)

Trim the box to have an open top and goals at either end. Decorate the box as you wish.

Draw your soccer figures, cut them out and glue them to the clothespin, with the clip side facing up.

Clip the soccer players onto a skewer and measure the height needed for the skewer to hang through the box with the soccer player a centimeter above the “floor” of your soccer field.

Mark the intended location of the skewer on the outside of the box. Make a guide hole, and poke the skewer through from one side of the box to and through the other side. Leave enough skewer on the outside of the box to act as a handle for making your players “kick” the ball.

Clip your soccer playing clothespins to each skewer as you go.

Drop the ball into the box and play.!