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2018 Winter Playful Idea of the Day

Day 1 12/22 Build a Fort! Got a sheet or two? Tell the kids to grab some furniture and make a fort! Use lots of pillows to make it comfortable and curl up with a good book or play a board game together! A project like this one uses imagination and creativity. It also fosters dramatic play and role playing.
 Day 2


Egg Carton Animals In your Playcation Kit you will find paints, a brush, and googly eyes!

Get creative and create your very own Egg Carton Pet! Discuss with children the different parts of the animal! What sounds do they think their pet makes?  What type of habitat does their pet live in? Use the link for ideas and directions!

Conversations like this help develop language skills and understanding of the world around them.
Day 3 12/24 Winter Bingo Will you get 5 in a row or can you fill your entire Bingo Card?

This Bingo is really more like a winter scavenger hunt. Games like this allow children to explore their environment, build language skills and can even help develop empathy as they better understand the world around them.
Day 4 12/25 Board game night Grab your favorite board games and gather around the table with friends and family for some classic fun!  Teach your children your favorite game and then let them instruct you on their favorite game! Playing games fosters development of a host of academic and life skills, but perhaps most importantly, these joyful interactions between parents and children build important bonds.
Day 5 12/26 Ball Maze Game Help your kids create their own totally tubular maze! Use recycled materials, like paper towel tubes and an open space of wall or top of a box.  They can race Matchbox style cars or the ping-pong ball in your kits. Use the attached link for more complete directions!

This type of child directed fun allows kids to experiment with geometry, physics, fine motor skills, planning and decision making, and even cooperation.
Day 6 12/27 Play Lab The Play Lab is open at Stowe (117 Post Office Rd.) today from 10:00-11:30. You can get free tickets online at Everyone needs a ticket as the space has a max capacity of 40. Come on down and experience this incredible play space right here in town! If parking is a challenge, there is a lot in the back of the building. You’ll want to walk around to the front and use Door 25. The Play Lab at Stowe is a hangs-on play space for young children with exhibits that change periodically. You never know what kind of fun awaits!
Day 7 12/28 Pipe cleaner Pals Your kits contain pony beads, wooden beads, and pipe cleaners to make some new friends!  Once complete, how many different ways can you shape your new pals? Use the link for complete directions!
Creating a characters gives kids a chance to practice their understanding of others, express various emotions, and be creative storytellers.
Day 8 12/29 Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Dress warm, grab some recycled materials like bottle caps or buttons, and head outside to make a snowman!  No snow?  Get creative with socks, paper, or bottles and make an indoor snowman!  Your kit includes extra googly eyes to add to your creations! Sculpting encourages kids to think creatively, plan and bring their vision to life.
Day 9


DIY Microphone- Karaoke

Grab a paper towel roll tube or similar item, use a ball, and the stickers from your kit to decorate your own microphone! Then turn up the tunes and have a night of family karaoke.  Have a favorite song from when you were younger? Try to teach it to your children sing-a-long style! The attached link will give you some directions on how to put your microphone together.

Singing builds self-confidence, improves language and communication skills, and strengthens memory skills.  Listening to music is an opportunity to talk about different sounds, instruments, rhythms coming from different cultures.
Day 10


Noon Year’s Eve Party Come to the Central Library’s Noon Year’s Eve Party! Starting at 11:00am, count-down to Noon with songs, dancing, story time, cookie decorating and more. This family-friendly event allows kids to celebrate the New Year at an age-appropriate time of day. Call the library at 860-763-7518 for more information. An event like this one fosters numeracy skills, artistic and creative skills, listening and literacy skills, and a better understanding of cultural celebrations.
Day 11


Yoga In your kits is a small booklet with yoga exercises.  Stretch your limits by trying something new!
Download yoga booklet

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