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2018 Winter Playcation

Get the Winter Idea of the Day

WINTER PLAYCATION KITS ARE SET TO HIT THE LIBRARY DECEMBER 13th. (first come, first serve. while supplies last)

What is this all about? Play is a child’s most important form of learning. Enfield Plays On! is a 3-year campaign to increase play opportunities in our community. This year, there are 11 days of winter vacation. That’s 11 chances for you to get the kids in your life playing and learning – although they won’t know they are learning. And really, isn’t that the best kind?

The first thing you will want to do is join the Enfield Plays On! Facebook group. We will be posting a new playful idea for you to share with your kids every day of winter vacation. Along with the play idea, we’ll give you a bit of info on what kind of life/academic skills are practiced through that kind of play.

What’s in the bag? There are things in the bag to support many of our playful ideas.

What’s not in the bag? We didn’t provide scissors, tape, glue, or pencils. You may also want to save up a selection of recycled materials like paper towel tubes, egg cartons, water bottles, cereal boxes, etc.

If you aren’t on Facebook, you can find the information on our website, We’d love to see pictures of your kids’ creations – feel free to post them on the Facebook group or email them to us (

Have a PLAYful Winter Break!

Get the Winter Idea of the Day

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