76 Days of Summer Playcation!


Not able to get your own Playcation Kit? Don't worry!  Here is a list of all the materials found in the Playcation Bag:

Sidewalk Chalk                                                     Sequins/Button

Tissue paper                                                          Googley Eyes

Paper napkins                                                        5 Popsicle Sticks

Newspaper squares (10x10")                                5 Pipe Cleaners

Square colored paper (3", 4", 5")                          1 Magnet

Index cards cut in 1/2                                            5 Paper clips

Strips of colored card stock                                   1 Marble

Black construction paper "eye patch"                    1 Brass paper fastener

Clothespeg                                                             1 Tiny bag of seeds (10ish seeds)

4 scraps if fabric                                                    4 small skeins of yarn

Bandana triangle                                                    4 pack of crayons

Blank copy paper                                                   2 Disposable gloves

Shop Rite bag                                                         2 paper cups

1 Mystery Bags (a dozen-ish random things)


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Playcation Kit Introduction letter:


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Day #23 Instructions to making a newspaper pirate hat

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Day #30: Make a ClothesPeg Doll

Day #35: Fishing Game
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